The Entertainer

UK 2021/22, 90min

in Postproduction.

Produced by David Clay Diaz, Mehdi Meskar, Julian Krubasik.

One night and one day in the life of JOE, a musician in his mid 30s who is artistically and personally stagnating, feeling like everyone’s overtaking him. After a failed gig he gets drunk and loses his keys. Being too broke for a locksmith he goes on a hung-over-one-day-journey in search for his keys, finding several encounters that challenge his expectations of art and life as a whole. 

Director statement
Fatigued by the never ending wait for commissioners to read and green light my circulating scripts I decided to take things into my own hands and shoot this film in two weeks with the collaboration of wonderful colleagues and actors. You could say that „The Entertainer“ deals with my own questions, thoughts and fears over the last two years of this pandemic in which art was not only difficult to make but also often dismissed as „not system-relevant“. „The Entertainer“ is a mumble-core tragic comedy about our dreams clashing with reality. A heartwarming film about expectations, self worth and the value of an artist and his art – and has the potential to reach far beyond that bubble. 

Cast: Alexander Arnold, Fanta Barrie, Florence Keith-Roach, Jake Davies, Ninette Finch, Branko Tomovic, Laura Fitzpatrick and many more.