Me, We

AUT 2021, 115min, Coop99 Filmproduktion

In this tragic comedy, four interwoven stories tell Europe’s current ways of dealing with the so-called migration crisis. Marie is a young volunteer, traveling directly to the Mediterranean Sea to help refugees. The youngster Marcel founds an organization for escorting women in order to protect them from the alleged dangerous migrants. The well-off Petra adopts an unaccompanied, underage refugee. And Gerald, the head of a refugee home, is challenged like never before by one of his protégés.
Me, We tells the story of four Europeans, whose attitudes toward migration and asylum are shattered forever.

Festivals and Prizes
Best Actor Award for Lukas Miko at Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film 2021
Best Film Award at Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2021
Nominated for the German- French Kinema Award and Best Newcomer Award (Alexander Srtschin) at Braunschweig Filmfestival 2021
Opening Film at Biberach Filmfestival 2021

Distributed by Filmladen, Four Guys and IndiePix.